WEMT 2011: Day Nine (Last Day)

Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour 2011: Day Nine (Last Day)

I wake up before the alarm goes off, and look out the window.

WEMT 2011 526

It’s a sad day–last day of the tour. But we have a lot of miles to cover, and a volcano to see, so let’s get started.

Mount St. Helens
Mount St. Helens

We leave Cascade Locks in a group, but we split up along the way due to our individual interests. Karen has re-routed us onto the WEST side of Mount St. Helens since the pass on the East side is still closed due to snow (!). This means a longer day, so some go straight to the hotel.

I take off with Pam and Karen, but these gals go so fast I just hang on and enjoy the ride, and forget to take pics!

At the Mount St. Helens visitors center they decide to take the tour, so Charlene and I decide to ride up the 55 mile (one way!) scenic road up to the top of the mountain.

I forget to put the lanyard around my neck, and realize the mistake as soon as I pull the camera out of my pocket. Luckily Charlene does not run it over, I retrieve the pieces, and chuckle that it still works after a 60 mph get-off.

My Ktm is not shy.

WEMT 2011 535

It’s a magnificent view.

WEMT 2011 536

Charlene and I at last arrive back in Issaquah, and we are happy to see that everyone has arrived safely.


We have a final farewell dinner and recap our tour,

WEMT 2011 540

take a group photo

WEMT 2011 541

and say goodnight.

It’s been a great tour, and I am very pleased to have brought to life my vision of empowering other female riders.


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