Riding to Sandpoint

So. I leave the hotel very early the next morning–Edward has decided to meet me halfway between Seattle and Idaho Falls, and since Kurt and Martha of Black Dog Cycle Works have invited us to spend the holiday weekend with them. that’s our meeting point. It’s a 400+ miles day for me, and after yesterday’s heat, I’m eager to get on the road.

But sad.

The tour is over, and even though I know my new friends are happily riding home, there’s a bit of a letdown. The weather reflects my mood, misting over the Cascade Mountains. I opt for the highway since I don’t want to deal with rain and possibly snow riding over Stephenson Pass.

So I’m riding down the interstate, and see two bikes coming up on me fast…Harleys I think. When the second one passes me, he’s pointing to his head and waving his arms, and I start laughing. He’s seen my Go Pro camera on top of my Arai helmet, and it seems everyone is curious about these apparati. I reach up and switch the helmet camera on, but I am too late. I miss the wild waving, but I chuckle inside my helmet for the next  20 minutes.

Well about 20 minutes later I pull into a rest area, and these guys are there. We strike up a conversation, have a good time visiting and reviewing past and current riding plans, and they ham it up for my camera.

WEMT 2011 545

Then they escort me down to the highway a bit because they are just nice guys.

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