We started in Windhoek, Namibia, and for two weeks rode┬áour motorcycles to Cape Town, South Africa. There were fourteen of us including Rene and Mike, our backup support driver. Leaving Windhoek: It was only about 50 miles before we turned on to this: which sometimes became this: We got some of this: Because we were this: Then we got to this: And this:   So I did this: And this is pretty cool: And then we did more of this: to this:   And finally this:Read More →

I am in South Africa “working” for Renedian Adventures, and scouting our Garden Route Tour hotels and route so I can speak intelligently about the tour at the upcomiong trade shows. So I started out from Cape Town, and my first stop was a farm stall. Big business down here, with fruits & veggies, but also souvenirs, knick-knacks, pre-prepared food, and the must-try boutique root beer. I’m crazy about root beer and had to try it!   They were nice enough to tell me what I could expect in terms of recreation going up the pass: A beautiful day for a drive… The view from up top: View from the other direction: Twisting even further to see more of thisRead More →

Normally I don’t fly out of LAX, but it sure makes sense for international travel. Better rates and more direct flights. It was actually easy this time…perhaps because I arrived before 6 am! I had a fresh look at the airport, and it improved my trip. By the time I got to Atlanta I was more curious about airports and decided to look at the displays. Who knew that airports aren’t boring? There was a display on the Girl Scouts: There was also a display on Africa, but I am saving that for another post ­čÖé I also found out that there’s free parking at LAX…as long as you don’t take up a paying space that a car would use.Read More →

This sundowner was with the motorcycle tour members on my┬áRenedian Motorcycle Safari last week…photos were taken at the Agama River Camp outside Sossusvlei, Namibia.Read More →