Get Started Riding Motorcycles: The Definitive Guide for WomenGet Started Riding Motorcycles: The Definitive Guide for Women

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Alisa Clickenger began riding in 1995 after having a dream where she was saved by riding a motorcycle. She woke up determined to make that dream a reality and has passionately pursued it ever since. Through motorcycling, Alisa found self-confidence, her life partner, and purpose in life.

Get Started Riding Motorcycles: The Definitive Guide for Women, is the culmination of Alisa’s most insightful and experientially-based advice for women who:

  1. Want to ride but don’t know how or where to begin.
  2. Are newly-licensed riders who wonder about their next steps.
  3. Are already riding but need a seasoned coach to help with their confidence.

Get Started Riding Motorcycles is for every woman who wants to experience the freedom and personal transformation that riding motorcycles can offer in order to feel free and gain confidence in every aspect of her life.

Get Started Riding Motorcycles provides answers to questions you may have difficulty finding answers to when just starting out or thinking about learning to ride. Alisa explains how to approach motorcycling, choosing the perfect riding school, and your first motorcycle. You’ll learn about not only the most common pitfalls new riders stumble on but also how to deal with them.

Get Started Riding Motorcycles maps out your entire journey from the moment you first sit on a motorcycle, through weekend and week-long rides, all the way to spectacular cross-country and “fly-and-ride” adventures anywhere in the world.

Get Started Riding Motorcycles also covers the practical reasons for learning to ride — from a cheap and fun means of getting around to a great way of beating the traffic. Riding can be a sport, a family activity, an exciting mode of adventure travel, a passion, and even a basis for a new career or business. Who knows, you may even find motorcycling so liberating and empowering that it becomes your lifestyle!

Get Started Riding Motorcycles – A Definitive Guide for Women” is a well written and designed book with solid information. Experienced riders will find the book rather fundamental. But, that’s what it is meant to be.




I finished reading your book last night. It’s great! This is like the bible of getting started riding. I wish I had something like this when I started. I loved all the references that you included and the personal profiles of women riders. – Donna Wiegle 9-20-2021

The book is a comprehensive source for the moto-curious woman who is ready to take her first steps into two-wheeled travel. The focus on the female rider is where the book stands out. Alisa and her friends offer support and understanding, as well as practical information for aspiring motorcyclists, female or male. — Ken Condon, Riding In the Zone, 12-20-21

About Alisa

Alisa Clickenger is a 25+ year motorcyclist who has ridden all over the planet on her own. The author of the bestseller Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self On and Off the Bike, she has made it her mission to help women step into and achieve confident, kick-ass lifestyles they love through travel and adventure. Alisa’s company, Women’s Motorcycle Tours, operates tours and events all over the world and also produces the Women’s Motorcycle Conferences. Dealernews Magazine has honored Alisa as one of the Top 100 People in Powersports, which recognizes leaders, disruptors, change agents, and entrepreneurs who have made a real difference in the motorcycle industry. Alisa is also a coach, community builder, event producer, and regular contributor to several magazines.