Think About it! with Sylvia Henderson

MMC-TV: Interview Alisa Clickenger / Sylvia Henderson. How to Exude Confidence Through Motorcycling

Sylvia Henderson signals her Motorcycle Sister, Alisa Clickenger to join along on this next adventure on her show Think About It! Alisa is the Founder of Women’s Motorcycle Tours and author of Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self on and Off the Bike. 25 years ago Alisa had a revelation after a dream that had lead her to learn to ride a motorcycle and throughout this process she discovered her passion, her community, her business, and her lover. Alisa never knew how to be confident because she was never taught, which is what drives her to help others to discover their confidence, particularly women.

Alisa wondered how things would be different if women grew up being confident. How would that change someone, or their relationships, or family, or career, or community? The confidence journey is so important that she wanted to tell her story with the tips and tricks she has learned, so she wrote the book. Women especially will identify themselves and it will help them step into their power, their confidence, their kickass life!

A Few tips to help build your confidence:
Borrow confidence from one silo to another
Look back on past successes
Remember to congratulate yourself for all your accomplishments

Alisa forms her confidence before she goes on stage or camera by doing a yoga pose that helps her center. She focuses on her breath, which flows into her heart as she says, “Imagine Beaming Rays from My Heart to the Audience.” That way you connect with people, but through your heart and your authentic self. Being your true authentic self is another way to access confidence and inner personal power.

Alisa started challenging herself and building upon it, which also boosted her confidence. Through adventure she challenged herself all the way to South America by herself amongst other things! It transformed her in many ways, exposed her and enabled her to add a lot of tools in the toolbox. If you fall or feel less confident try one of these tips and see how it works for you. Try thinking about a past success and borrow that confidence.

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