Enduro360.com Interview

This week Chilly White of Enduro360.com interviewed me about my Mexico-Central-South America Ride. Click here for the full interview and see the pictures below. [Oops, he still has not published the article, yet I do not want to remove from my posts and have a non-working link} Many of them are new and never published.

Chaco (Bolivian Side)

In order not to repeat myself here, I’ll re-post the link to my Chaco experience I wrote about on RumBum.com http://rumbum.com/953-a-night-in-the-chaco#continue_post This tree is called the “palo borracho”, the drunken stick. The engorged trunk is actually a lifesaver for the tree: when the rains come, the tree stores water reserves in the trunk. I’d smile

Ken Bingenheimer’s Last Examiner.com Article Up

It’s been great working with Ken talking about my trip. When I think about it in terms of what would be interesting to a reporter, it puts my trip in an entirely new perspective for me. Thank Ken! http://www.examiner.com/x-378-Motorcycle-Examiner~y2010m5d18-MotoAdventureGal-Finale-Flying-to-Seattle-today