We started in Windhoek, Namibia, and for two weeks rode our motorcycles to Cape Town, South Africa. There were fourteen of us including Rene and Mike, our backup support driver. Leaving Windhoek: It was only about 50 miles before we turned on to this: which sometimes became this: We got some of this: Because we were this: Then we got to this: And this:   So I did this: And this is pretty cool: And then we did more of this: to this:   And finally this:Read More →

Well, I am no longer on Okambara. Today I fly home to the USA. I’ve enjoyed my time there so much–sometimes more than others depending on the group dynamics–and I will always carry a piece of Okambara and the animals and my experiences there over the last two years with me. I spread the last of my Dad’s ashes this week while working here on the Biosphere Expedition’s Namibia project . I spread the first half into the Gulf Stream while working on Biosphere Expedition’s Azores project. It’s a time of endings–letting go–of regrets, what-ifs and long held beliefs. I won’t be returning to Namibia next year as I’ve decided to stay closer to home the next two years and focus on myRead More →