It’s always a thrill to see your words in print, and yesterday was no exception; only I had the added rush of seeing the magazine with my article in it on the bookshelves at our local bookseller (Hastings). So now one of my India articles is in print.    Read More →

Part A of my Indian Himalaya Adventure was a tour of the Ladakh region with Motorcycle Expeditions. Here’s a promotional video Motorcycle Expeditions made from our trip. What a great adventure I had with them. They are a top-notch motorcycle touring / motorcycle expedition company. I can’t say enough good things about them and the way they took care of us. Enjoy the video! Here’s the LINK  if the above video doesn’t appear in your browser or email.          Read More →

Well, the day after I was hijacked in Delhi Buddhi insisted on renting me a car and driver so I could see the city–the proper way. Continuing my theme of amusement with Indian traffic, here are some random photos taken my last day in Delhi on the way back to the hotel. I’m especially fond of those that have six rows or cars in (what is painted on the roadway at least) two lanes. Oh and don’t forget the bomb squad pic. Enjoy!Read More →

This is part two of my first day back in New Delhi… I woke up from my nap, and my neck was hurting again, plus I had a headache. I though what better way to spend my last night and my last  rupies than to get a massage where a full body massage is between $12 and $20 (as opposed to $65-$85 in the USA).  Plus I wanted to go out and get some Vitamin C for my cold. I dress, go down to the front desk, and ask where the pharmacy is. Then I ask about massage. In the ever-so-helpful Indian way, he gives me all the information and even says he  can arrange a moto taxi to takeRead More →

Well, it’s been quite an eventful day here in Delhi. I’ve left Buddhi’s protective custody and I’ve gotten the whole college course in travel in India in one day! (It doesn’t help matters that I am now with a full-blown cold (Thanks, Carolyn, for reminding me that it’s better to have a cold in India than to not be in India!) As I went about my day at first I imagined I’d title this post “ROOKED”. That happened first–right when I arrived in Delhi. A porter came onto the train and asked if I needed help with my bag. I must have seemed like the perfect sucked with my moment of indecision because I knew Buddhi has arranged for aRead More →

Yesterday Buddhi and I went for a little ride to see a remote temple, Bijli Mahadev. Biji Majadev is a temple to Shiva (the Destroyer). There’s a large pole that serves basically as a lightening rod. Every March a lightening strike comes through the temple and  shatters the lingham (linham=penis), which is made of metallic rocks and covered with–yes, BUTTER! (Imagine the flies in this place…) I bet it’s truly astonishing to be there for the grand explosion! All we had to do to get there was slog through three+ hours (each way!!!)  of mud, mud mixed with cow manure, mud mixed with sheep manure, mud mixed with clay, wet clay, and mud mixed with yet more mud. 🙂 LooksRead More →

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we went riding (more on that in the next post–those take me longer) in the rain, but then it cleared. Today, Thursday, dawned coll, sunny, and glorious. I’ve  come to really like Manali–can you not when you spend time in a place where you can call downstairs and they’llbring you a cup of tea to enjoy on your balcony? Can you not come to love a place, from your balcony, where you can look across the valley and see a majestic mountain rising 2000+ feet before your very eyes? Do you know I can count ELEVEN waterfalls, some over one thousand feet, within my panoramic view? And now, this morning, add the monkeys.Read More →

It’s cold, wet and rainy here in Manali. It rained most of yesterday, too, but cleared up long enough for Buddhi and I to walk down the hill in Old Manali and have dinner without getting too wet. Tandoori chicken and a Banana Lassi. Yum! The droning downpour was terrific for sleeping, and I stayed in bed all cozy for about 11 hours! We were going to head out this morning to attend a local festival so I could take some pictures of traditional costumes and such,. We’ll see if we go later–I’ve already drowned one camera this season and now need another service on the G10, so I am not eager to ruin another piece of electronics. This alsoRead More →