Bring in the Monkeys

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday we went riding (more on that in the next post–those take me longer) in the rain, but then it cleared. Today, Thursday, dawned coll, sunny, and glorious.

I’ve  come to really like Manali–can you not when you spend time in a place where you can call downstairs and they’llbring you a cup of tea to enjoy on your balcony? Can you not come to love a place, from your balcony, where you can look across the valley and see a majestic mountain rising 2000+ feet before your very eyes? Do you know I can count ELEVEN waterfalls, some over one thousand feet, within my panoramic view?

And now, this morning, add the monkeys. On the hillside behind me I heard then screeching at each other and lo and  behold, there are about five monkeys all clamoring through the trees and grass and over the rock ledges doing their fall foraging.

Monkeys on the hillside beside my hotel
Yes, there really are monkeys up there! look a little to the left and up from the woman that is collecting grass for her cows.


Himalayan Country House - view from the balcony
Himalayan Country House – view from the balcony


And a motorbike at my disposal. What’s better than this?


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