Motorcycle Expeditions Trans-Himalayan / Ladakhi Adventure

Part A of my Indian Himalaya Adventure was a tour of the Ladakh region with Motorcycle Expeditions. Here’s a promotional video Motorcycle Expeditions made from our trip. What a great adventure I had with them. They are a top-notch motorcycle touring / motorcycle expedition company. I can’t say enough good things about them and the

Delhi Traffic (this time with pics hopefully–sorry for the technical difficulties!)

Well, the day after I was hijacked in Delhi Buddhi insisted on renting me a car and driver so I could see the city–the proper way. Continuing my theme of amusement with Indian traffic, here are some random photos taken my last day in Delhi on the way back to the hotel. I’m especially fond


Well, it’s been quite an eventful day here in Delhi. I’ve left Buddhi’s protective custody and I’ve gotten the whole college course in travel in India in one day! (It doesn’t help matters that I am now with a full-blown cold (Thanks, Carolyn, for reminding me that it’s better to have a cold in India