Bijli Mahadev

Yesterday Buddhi and I went for a little ride to see a remote temple, Bijli Mahadev.

Bijli Mahadev temple-India
Bijli Mahadev temple-India

Biji Majadev is a temple to Shiva (the Destroyer). There’s a large pole that serves basically as a lightening rod. Every March a lightening strike comes through the temple and  shatters the lingham (linham=penis), which is made of metallic rocks and covered with–yes, BUTTER! (Imagine the flies in this place…) I bet it’s truly astonishing to be there for the grand explosion!

All we had to do to get there was slog through three+ hours (each way!!!)  of mud, mud mixed with cow manure, mud mixed with sheep manure, mud mixed with clay, wet clay, and mud mixed with yet more mud.


Looks great, right? Certain points during the day I thought I would die, at certain other points during the day I wanted to die, at other points in the day I thought my Royal Enfield would die. This morning I am ready for more ! Bring it on!!

Riding, a few temple pics, a lot of mud pics 🙂


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