Are you a woman that rides a motorcycle? Do you dream of taking longer rides? Or riding by yourself?? Are you needing encouragement and support to go for longer rides and have more fun while riding? If so, my  Women’s  Motorcycle Touring Article was published in BMW’s ON magazine this month…check it out, and email me at  if you are interested in support with your touring with us this year!  Read More →

Well sweet! Just had a GREAT interview with Entertainment Radio Network. I’m so honored that they contacted me. The segment is on Adventure Motorcycling–and guess who they interviewed–ME! I love taking about the sport from the female adventurer’s perspective. is Entertainment Radio Network’s web site–not sure when the interview goes live but I’ll post again when it does. ~MAG (Alisa)Read More →

Just picked up my copy of Adventure Motorcycle – Dual Sport News Magazine. What a great magazine! (and not just because they published my/our Yukon Adventure story!) Carl, the editor, has a really great world view and has assembled a fantastic team of writers. Pick up a copy and let me know what you think. I experimented with a new writing style (for me) and I think it works well.Read More →

Howdy folks, Pat McGhie (ADV=Rocky NH) will be interviewing me on Side Stand Up this Tuesday (tomorrow the 15th) about my South America Trip. Dial in and ask questions and help me re-live it since I’m not currently riding in snowy Idaho! I’d tole we’ll air at 7:45 pm (ish) Eastern Time.Read More →

The Internet makes the world even smaller, and thanks to the article of mine that was just published on, Sarah Tripper found me and sent me this photograph. Alisa riding the MX course on my Twisted Throttle DR650 at the BMW Rally, Redmond, OR, July 2010. I travel alone so much it’s nice to have a picture of me actually riding.Read More →

We’re now eleven days into the New Year. Are some of your resolutions sagging? I suggest throwing over your resolutions and focusing on your inspirations. That’s right, what inspires you? What do you really, really want to do? What do you want to make happen for yourself this year? What dream do you need to start chasing so your heart can be fulfilled? just published an article of mine, “Resolve to Make Your Motorcycling Dreams Come True in 2011“. I used examples from my South America trip for how to make your own trip happen, but your trip doesn’t have to be huge like that. What excites you? What incites you? Where do you want to go? Heck, maybeRead More →