Interview with Entertainment Radio Network

Well sweet! Just had a GREAT interview with Entertainment Radio Network. I’m so honored that they contacted me. The segment is on Adventure Motorcycling–and guess who they interviewed–ME! I love taking about the sport from the female adventurer’s perspective. is Entertainment Radio Network’s web site–not sure when the interview goes live but I’ll post again

Volunteering at the Baja 1000

In November I mentioned I was going to volunteer for the Baja 1000 desert race. just published my article and you can check it out at Here are some misc. Baja pics: <> Next I’ll be publishing an interview with Jonah Street, who is en-route to South America to race in the Dakar Interview

This week Chilly White of interviewed me about my Mexico-Central-South America Ride. Click here for the full interview and see the pictures below. [Oops, he still has not published the article, yet I do not want to remove from my posts and have a non-working link} Many of them are new and never published.