Volunteering at the Baja 1000

In November I mentioned I was going to volunteer for the Baja 1000 desert race. RumBum.com just published my article and you can check it out at https://rumbum.com/1565-volunteering-at-the-baja-1000.

Here are some misc. Baja pics:

Baja1000 004

Baja1000 012

Baja1000 020

Baja1000 022

Baja1000 027

Baja1000 281

Baja1000 292

Baja1000 383

Baja1000 422

Baja1000 453


Next I’ll be publishing an interview with Jonah Street, who is en-route to South America to race in the Dakar Rally Raid starting January 1.

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