Yukon Pictures

Wow, I am getting a real education on WordPress and who’s naughty N nice over the last 24 hours…

My last post was pictures I’d sent out hoping to sell an article to a magazine on my trip to the Yukon last summer…I password protected them not knowing that the WordPress system would send an announcement to whoever had subscribed to my blog saying that the pictures were there, but you needed a password. I thought the whole thing would be invisible. My apologies.

So here are a few pictures. Once I get the articles(s) published, I’ll be sure to put the story here as well.

Again, I apologize, and thanks for the education in who my genuine supporters and well wishers are!

Wishing everyone the love of family and support of friends in this magical season. Have a Wonderful Holiday.

Yukon2010_ 324

Yukon2010_ 288

Yukon2010_ 152

Yukon2010_ 132

Yukon2010_ 798

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