Beginnings and Endings

I’m back in Idaho Falls, having completed a journey that started last October when I rode off to the Horizons Unlimited Meeting in California. What a ride! I got a 5000+ mile road trip, I got to meet up with old friends, I got a winter on New Mexican Prairie, I got to learn how to do more work on my KTM, I got time with horses, I made new friends, and I got physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

Endings. Beginnings.
Beginnings. Endings.
It feels good to be home.

I have new writing opportunities, exciting new projects, and a new business idea (thanks to the perspective of new friends) on to how to combine my passions with my expertise with my love of he motorcycle industry with my making a living.

Endings. Beginnings.
Beginnings. Endings.
Ever been so excited your skin prickles?

Home just one day, I’ve received the news that nobody likes to get: My father passed away.

Endings. Beginnings.
Beginnings Endings.
That’s the way life is, and we have no choice but to roll with it.

Thanks Dad for encouraging me to follow my dreams.
Thanks Dad for inspiring me and to travel and see the world.
Thanks Dad for teaching me to love the out of doors.
Thanks Dad for being proud of me while I march to the beat of my own drum.

Here’s the beautiful way I will remember him:


Dad and Alisa in Bloomington, IN 2-18-2012
Dad and Alisa in Bloomington, IN February 2012 (4 weeks ago)


Folks, I am so sad I don’t think I can stand even one email or phone call about losing him. I only posted this because I am going to disappear for a while to heal and to mourn.

I leave for the Azores next Friday, and after that I plan to walk the Camino de Santiago again. I’ll be back in the States mid-June.

If you feel a need to express yourself, post a comment here about a dream a parent (or mentor) inspired you to reach. I know I would not be living this incredible life of mine without the encouragement of both of my parents. And if you absolutely have to say something to me, send me a post card from an exotic place. 430 E 23rd St Idaho Falls, ID 83404

~Alisa (MAG)




call a friend or loved one  and attempt to fix or heal a broken relationship.

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