Thanks for stopping by! My name is Alisa Clickenger and I live and breathe motorcycles. Like all women, I am multi-faceted: I’m a bestselling author, a coach, a community builder, event producer and two-wheeled world traveler. I founded a women’s motorcycle touring and events company in 2011, Women’s Motorcycle Tours and in 2020 I started the Women’s Motorcycle Conferences .

2019 was a big year for me. I published Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self on and Off the Bike, which became an bestseller. I was also named a Dealernews Top 100 People in Powersports and asked to join the Leadership Board.

I am always working on innovative ways to get new riders to fall in love with motorcycling, and my personal mission is to inform, educate and support female motorcycle riders globally to lead Confident, Kickass Lives.

Viewing the world from a two-wheeled perspective

Motorcycling has changed my life. I’ve been riding a motorcycle since 1995, and it’s become not only a form of self-expression but also the lens through which I view the world. It’s hard to believe that when I first started riding I was a shy housewife. Through my passion for motorcycling and the personal (perceived) limitations I’ve broken through, I’ve been empowered to live a Confident, Kickass Life I love.

Motorcycling is important, but it’s not all of who I am

I am a world traveler, a passionate conservationist and a curious citizen of the world. I’m a people person and nothing brings me greater joy than connecting with other women at the heart level and using what I’ve learned to help them break out of their own boxes of self-perceived limitations and boldly embrace lives they love.

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