A Day with Rain

It’s cold, wet and rainy here in Manali. It rained most of yesterday, too, but cleared up long enough for Buddhi and I to walk down the hill in Old Manali and have dinner without getting too wet. Tandoori chicken and a Banana Lassi. Yum! The droning downpour was terrific for sleeping, and I stayed in bed all cozy for about 11 hours!

We were going to head out this morning to attend a local festival so I could take some pictures of traditional costumes and such,. We’ll see if we go later–I’ve already drowned one camera this season and now need another service on the G10, so I am not eager to ruin another piece of electronics.

This also may affect our plans to begin touring tomorrow…we’d planned to visit Sarahan and Bijli Mahadev. I’m particularly interested in visiting Sarahan as I am getting more and more interested in the feminine energies and the Temple there is dedicated to the mother goddess Bhimakali. I’m so  lucky to have travel time with a local who is very traditional, yet modern at the same time. Conversations often center around the differences between East and West and the local customs.

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll be visiting those temples today, here are some pics from the Manu temple here in Manali that I can see quite close from my balcony.

Manu Temple - Manali - Himachal Pradesh - India
View from my balcony of Manu Temple – Manali – Himachal Pradesh – India

Ha! Can’t really see it can you? It’s the tall tower building in the upper left of the photo. Looks big from here!

Manu Temple - Manali - Himachal Pradesh - India
Manu Temple up close



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