Reasons to love LAX

Normally I don’t fly out of LAX, but it sure makes sense for international travel. Better rates and more direct flights. It was actually easy this time…perhaps because I arrived before 6 am! I had a fresh look at the airport, and it improved my trip. By the time I got to Atlanta I was more curious about airports and decided to look at the displays. Who knew that airports aren’t boring? There was a display on the Girl Scouts:

IMG_20151020_174413821 IMG_20151020_174420994 IMG_20151020_174429133

There was also a display on Africa, but I am saving that for another post 🙂

I also found out that there’s free parking at LAX…as long as you don’t take up a paying space that a car would use. Pretty cool to live in a motorcycle culture, eh? Turns out they’re all over Europe and South Africa. When I arrived in Cape Town there was specific motorcycle parking in the parking garage! (I think more US cities need to get with that program.)

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