WEMT 2011: Day Eight

Womens Empowerment Motorcycle Tour 2011: Day Eight
Bend to Cascade Locks

Today was my day to play. Charlene and I took off to ride, and we caught glimpses of Mt. Hood along our path. There was construction on the road, so we took a detour up to the ski area to get some decent pics of the snow capped mountain.

WEMT 2011 475

WEMT 2011 478

We stopped in Hood River and had a FANTASTIC lunch on a deck overlooking the Columbia River, and egad, what’s wrong with me? no pics. No food pics, no river pics.

We were the first ones to arrive in Cascade Locks, so I made the dinner plans while Charlene rested on the deck overlooking the river. What a pretty place!

It was hot.

Monica bought us ice cream cones down teh street from the hotel, but hers melted so fast, sh ended up sharing it with a canine tourist.

WEMT 2011 515

It was kinda fun for me to get back to the hotel and see all the bikes lined up so prettily…and all the ladies doing maintenance on them!

WEMT 2011 516

WEMT 2011 518

WEMT 2011 517

Dinner was a casual affair this night after our “how to pick up your bike” seminar (many thanks to Harley-Davidson for providing us with those handy little brochures with illustrations!)

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