The Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride is now over, and it was a huge success! My main goal was achieved: Create community among female motorcycle riders and promote the heck out of our sport. Published in today’s LA Times: We even got a teaser on the front of the business section: I could not have done it without my amazing (all volunteer!) staff and the phenomenal women who signed up to take part in our history-making ride. I have learned SO MUCH about myself and my capabilities and I have to tell you how very good it felt to be “on target” with my life. I want more of that! I’ve always known motorcycling is an important part of my path,Read More →

It’s always a thrill to see your words in print, and yesterday was no exception; only I had the added rush of seeing the magazine with my article in it on the bookshelves at our local bookseller (Hastings). So now one of my India articles is in print.    Read More →

  So. Said parts did not arrive when we expected them, which rearranged out timetable, and basically ran us out of time. I left Albuquerque quite sad, and quite alone, but determined to continue riding the Continental Divide. After changing a flat front tire,       I headed out in the afternoon and picked up where we had left off–just north of Grants, NM in the Gilas.       Can you see the storm rolling in above? Sheesh. What to do? When lightening crack right beside me on the trail, I decided to park the bike and wait it out. Yep, the warmest, coziest, driest place I could think of was standing inside my Klim Latitude suit, soRead More →

I’m about a week behind in my story now… And a week is precisely how long we waited in Albuquerque for another part, this time the diode board for the GSPD. Actually, we got that ordered the same day we returned home, Friday. The part came in on Monday, yet once it was installed we were both really bummed to see that the bike was STILL not charging properly…that ‘s okay for around-town ventures but across country? You need your bike to work right. So. Monday night we order a whole new charging system for the GSPD  from a BMW aftermarket electronics firm. They say they’ll get it out the next day (Tues), so we settle in to wait. It’sRead More →

Thirteen miles north of Grants, the paved road turns to dirt and were back in business. It’s around 6 pm, and we decide to start looking for a camp site.   We rode up a rocky forest trail to where the land leveled out just over 9000 ft, and set up camp.       Petty flowers growing way up there. We eat cheese and crackers for dinner, enjoy the adult beverages we purchased in town, and get a terrific night’s sleep in the crisp mountain air. The next morning we take our time packing up camp, gearing up, and starting the bikes. Only mine starts. The short version of events after that includes much cursing, Clark coasting his GSPDRead More →

We get up early to beat the heat, and we ride ~160 miles of pavement to get back to Old Horse Springs.   We gas up in the same spot where we broke down, hang a right on a dirt road, and make our way forty miles or so up to Pie Town.     Pie Town, NM is famous for it’s, well, PIES! (Here’s some info in the quaint little town if you are interested:,_New_Mexico ) We stopped at the PieO Neer and I ordered a slice of the the apple cranberry crumble yummy goodness.   Fueled by a massive dose of sugar (Clark thought MY pie with ice cream was so good he ordered one for himselfRead More →

Clark, my riding buddy, lives in Albuquerque, so in the morning we have the GSPD towed again back to his place.  He has a garage there with all sorts of tools, and it was a convenient place for me to hang out while we waited for the new relays to come in the following day. After picking up and installing the relays , the bike still wasn’t charging quite right. A new battery and substantial testing later, Clark goes to check the diode board and it falls off in his hand. Not good! Much of the afternoon is spent trying to remove the hardened rubber mounts for the diode board. Bike gets put back together around 10 pm, we haveRead More →

We awoke to free range cows grazing near the camp site. It took a while to pack up, but we weren’t feeling any particular hurry. It was a lovely morning and we were in the Gila mountains…and ready to explore. The first bit was through the forest, then along a stream bed that alternated being our road bed. It was the first challenging bit of terrain and we were eating it up.     Gotta love tight, winding forest roads. Eventually the road opened up and we were back out onto the high desert prairie. At one point we were having so much fun we totally got off-route…and didn’t care!   It was a bummer, however, when we DID getRead More →