Motorcycle Ride the Continental Divide (Riding the Divide)-ABQ

I’m about a week behind in my story now…

And a week is precisely how long we waited in Albuquerque for another part, this time the diode board for the GSPD. Actually, we got that ordered the same day we returned home, Friday. The part came in on Monday, yet once it was installed we were both really bummed to see that the bike was STILL not charging properly…that ‘s okay for around-town ventures but across country? You need your bike to work right.

So. Monday night we order a whole new charging system for the GSPD  from a BMW aftermarket electronics firm. They say they’ll get it out the next day (Tues), so we settle in to wait. It’s probably not that wise for me to ride alone in all that empty desert, and I’d like for Clark to finish his trip on a high note and at least make it out of New Mexico on the CDT!!

We’re both pretty bummed, and I confess we degenerate into general slothdom…or at least I do.  I read trashy novels to pass the time, take some walks in the mornings, and we watch a lot of movies.

We go out to breakfast one morning, and Clark gives me a tour of “downtown” Albuquerque. Here’s what my camera captured:





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