Motorcycle Ride the Continental Divide (Riding the Divide)-Pie Town

We get up early to beat the heat, and we ride ~160 miles of pavement to get back to Old Horse Springs.


We gas up in the same spot where we broke down, hang a right on a dirt road, and make our way forty miles or so up to Pie Town.

Dirt Road on the Continental Divide


Motorcycle Riding the Continental Divide


Pie Town, NM is famous for it’s, well, PIES! (Here’s some info in the quaint little town if you are interested:,_New_Mexico ) We stopped at the PieO Neer and I ordered a slice of the the apple cranberry crumble yummy goodness.

Eating Pie in Pie Town, NM


Fueled by a massive dose of sugar (Clark thought MY pie with ice cream was so good he ordered one for himself after his cherry pie), we once again headed North for another ~120 miles to Grants, NM. Events along the way included dire warning of bad roads, several mud pits, lava bed and some suicidal cows. What more could you want in an afternoon??

MotoAdventureGal motorcycling the Continental Divide


Bicyclists on the Continental Divide

In Grants we gassed up, got some supplies at the supermarket, and headed North of town to camp for the night. It felt good to be moving again!

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