WEMT 2011: Day Seven (Rest Day in Bend, OR)

Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tour Day Seven – Rest Day

Ahhhh…a rest day. Nice. It’s been a little hard for the ladies to ride so much for so many days in a row…most of them are new to touring on a motorcycle.

Two tour members got new tires and two others went off to  ride one of the scenic routes we gave them.

Some of us took a walk together around town in the evening.

WEMT 2011 429


We listened to a pretty good (free!) concert

WEMT 2011 432


Said hello to the locals

WEMT 2011 438

got some local flavor

WEMT 2011 440


took time to smell the flowers

WEMT 2011 441

WEMT 2011 442


laughed heartily at these folks working for their beer (wait…I don’t see anyoen driving that thing…)WEMT 2011 443


ate a yummy dinner (hat’s wrong with me? no food pic!)

then had a yummy snack (ok, at least I have my picture priorities right)

WEMT 2011 451


and visited the tree decoraated by the carzy knitter

WEMT 2011 460


WEMT 2011 459


then walked back to the hotel.

All our gals tucked in for the night, we tucked into the world’s comfiest beds with down pillows and comforters.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s ride!

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