San Juan (Saint John)

So Juan is there on the corner, asking me if I need help. He speaks English, and FINALLY, some instructions I can understand. Turns out he manages the dept store the next block over from the hotel I am looking for… Great!

So off I go, left at the 1st light Ave. 20 de Noviembre, left after the bridge, but whoops! I miss the hotel. But wait! Somehow Juan is there, on the sidewalk again, telling me the hotel is just behind me. I walk the bike backwards, against traffic down a 1 way street (best to paddle backwards when attempting this maneuver and not actually look at the oncoming traffic!), the fellow working at the hotel opens the doors, and I drive right in. RIGHT INTO THE LOBBY! Sure, I’ve seen pics of this on ADVrider, but really. How cools is this?

SA_Trip_MEXICO 441

even cooler? the old-fashioned switchboard at the front desk…they still have to push levels and plug in mysterious plugs in orrer to connect rooms to rooms and rooms to outside calls!!!

SA_Trip_MEXICO 440

SA_Trip_MEXICO 443

Evening descends on Parral
SA_Trip_MEXICO 446

And the view of the Plaza Principal from the roof of the hotel
SA_Trip_MEXICO 445

SA_Trip_MEXICO 448

SA_Trip_MEXICO 449

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