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November 28, 2009

Arrival in Parral.

130 miles
Moving Time= 4:02
Stopped Time= 1:42

I arrived in Parral…hmf. looking back at my journal I was too tired to take notes.

It was a leisurely day, and I stopped a few times to take pics

SA_Trip_MEXICO 419

And go through a few small towns

SA_Trip_MEXICO 420

I passed more hand-cut hayfields

SA_Trip_MEXICO 422

And lonely country roads

SA_Trip_MEXICO 423

I am enjoying the riding in Mexico…always something new

SA_Trip_MEXICO 427

And the roads are twisty a lot fo the time

SA_Trip_MEXICO 428

SA_Trip_MEXICO 434

Lunch (at 3 pm) ended up being a gas station burrito and drinkable yogurt…

SA_Trip_MEXICO 435

An I entered the suburbs of Parral…

SA_Trip_MEXICO 436

and did a few prophylactic laps of the city before getting truly frustrated. It seemed that the city was divided into two parts…by this frustrating road
SA_Trip_MEXICO 438

I just remember doing CIRCLES around the city…

Frustrating CIRCLES.

While there is plenty that confounds and frustrates me, I continue to have good luck whenever I ask my angels for help. A for instance: I hadn’t planned to stop here in Parral, but because Durango was 5 hours away and it was 2:30 when I left the military checkpoint (another story–all fun–I wasn’t scared a bit) I decided I’d better stay here. I felt “bad” because I’d only ridden 120 miles, but they, it’s my darn schedule so why was I uptight?

I read in my Lonely Plant Mexico guide book that Voni gave me (Thanks VONI!) that Hotel Acosta is a cheap and cute place, so I decide to head here. Well, after a few more laps around town, I stop & ask some kids how to find the Plaza Principal because I read that when here at the hotel ask to see the view of the plaza from the roof…so I figure it’s close to the plaza. More laps, more lost because I didn’t really understand their directions, then I see some towers and I figure that’s kinda downtown so I start heading towards them. I then go down a one way street, oops, turn around, go back to the intersection. Shut my eyes for a moment and ask my angels to send me in the right direction. Voila’! A disembodied voice asks me if I need help…

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