DR is all fixed up!

Well, our house guest James made my day yesterday. When Edward and I rode to Alaska last year, one of the casualties was my headlight. Typical for riding up North, a rock kicked up and shattered the glass. None of it fell out, however, and so we covered it up with clear packing tape and I kept riding. One. Full. Year.

Well, thanks to James, that nasty bit of ghetto fix is in the spare parts pile left by other travelers.

James 011

Here he is, hard at work

James 006

He found a gob of wires under my plastics

James 007

And cleaned up some of the zip-tie madness

James 008

Swapped out lens housings

James 009

Made comment on his really expensive workbench (Edward’s KTM Super Enduro)

James 010

And then I pulled one of those “while you are in there and have everything apart” moves…

In one of last year’s “off’s”, I managed to break the mount for the whole front end assembly. I’ve been meaning to strip the bike down and bring it to a welder…but James did one better.

Here’s the stock mount:

James 014

Here’s the fix:
Complete with Locktite and everything, we figure something else is gonna break before that mount ever does.

James 013

James’ reward?

A ride on the DR with Edward!

James 017

They rode out to Wolverine Canyon so James could get some dirt riding in (something he rarely does on his pristine Harley-Davidson!)

James 018

I stayed home for some “alone” time.

Thanks for the fixes James! Come back and visit and I’ll let you do that top end…


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