Back from “Vacation”…

Logged almost 4,000 miles, mostly dirt. It was exhausting, exhilarating, and my KTM taught me lots of life lessons along the way.  (Mind your P’s and Q’s, don’t  carry too much heavy stuff, be nice to the locals, and even if you don’t pick exactly the right line, there’s usually a good substitute–or you just figure it out.)

The plan:
Edward and I were to ride some of the wildest, most remote open spaces the West has to offer.
Montana=The Gravelly Range
Wyoming=The Big Empty
Colorado & Nevada=Pony Express Trail through the desert
California=KTM Adventure Rally (not so empty)
Nevada=Loneliest Road in America (Rt. 50, unfortunately paved)
Oregon=some pavement chasing a fruitless errand
Idaho & Montana=The Magruder Corridor (the largest wilderness area in the USA) (more info HERE)

I tried to send a SPOT message at the end of every day, and sometimes even remembered to send one from one of the really cool, wild places we were at. You can click HERE for a link to our SPOT page–be sure to set the history to “All” . (Note that I do not have the tracking feature enables as I did while riding South of the Border.)

The reality:
All that and more.
Pony Express Trail. Mormon Trail. Oregon Trail.
21 days. 2 Showers, 21 nights of camping. 1 tip-over (me, parking the bike at the last campsite of the trip!)

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the terrain we rode:


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