February 13, 2010

Today Catalina and her sister Andrea pick me  up at 6:30 am to go up to the Thermals at Coconuco. We want to get there before it gets too hot and also before the crowds set ii.

We have breakfast together on the way there, and then get there about 8 am. I am really psyched to have some  girl time–I’ve been missing it and I really have just fallen in love with Catalina. I call her the sister of my heart–we just clicked and have a deep and honest communication between us.

I thought this was a cool pic…the calcified water drain. The baths smell like sulphur. We stink. But the water is very hot and thank goodness clean since we are the second people there for the day…they don’t even have all the pools filled up yet.

Catalina is used to me, but Andrea is learning that I like to stop and tae lots of pics…here’s Cata arranging for us to have luck with their folks back at the wine factory. I am excited to tell Jorge of my tour idea.

Here are some pics of the finest CHIVA ever made…

Look at the details!!!

Cata is gracious enough to take me back to the little city, where I want to buy something I saw for Edward…

We are all relaxed after the baths…poor Andrea just falls over in the back seat of the car,,,

we went and had delicious arroz con pollo for lunch, chatted a good long while, then I made my goodbye. I can talk to these girls for hours on end, but honestly I am soooooooooooooooo relaxed after the mineral baths I want to go back to the hotel. I konck out at 8:30 pm

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