Back to Popayan

February 12, 2010


Okay, well fed, my ride back to Popayan starts in earnest.

It’s beautiful scenery, along 150 +/- km of dirt roads, and I am loving it.

Some days I don’t make very good time because I stop and take so many pictures. I love these days where I just *travel*, not have an overbearing schedule I need to keep up with, or a set time to be anywhere, just as long as I am there before dark.


I’ve learned that when I see a flock of motorbikes along te road, it usually means there’s a road crow working up ahead…

I rise up into the Park…

Bad baby cow! He was trukking along down the road….no momma cow in sight.  They might have to  put a second stick on this one…

Wish I’d’a seen one of these critters.

“Bridge in Bad Repair”


It seemed like I roose up and down and went through about 4 distinct goegraphical changes along the way…the landscape was really quite remarkable…

Down into a neat little valley…and had TWO cups of local strawberries and cream for lunch.

Sheesh, the scenery just kept getting better and better. It was turning out to be one of “those” days…unforgettable days of the trip.

This was the most amazing day In the space of a day I rode from Mountains to Jungle to Pampa to Flatlands.

About halfway through the day an idea struck me: Why not lead a boutique tour of 5-6 motorcyclists that want to see this fabulous country, but do not want to do it alone? I now have the insider knowledge and contacts through Asturias Motos and other people I’ve met to make it happen…

I was so excited about this idea I could not wait to share it with Cata and the Villegas family.

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