Sunday in Popayan

February 14, 2010 [Sunday]

I bring some goodies over to the house and have breakfast with the girls.

Andrea wants to take me for a tour of the things I have not seen yet in Popayan…and she’s not too hard to talk into going on my bike with me…

Isn’t she cute?

We ride up to the Bolivar statue, and sit amongst the lovers and families and chat for a while. The sun is at an awkward angle to take pics, and it’s hard not to capture the massive graffiti that is on the monument 🙁

Next stop is San Joe Church. It’s lovely.

We walk to the main square…

And there are some guys offering pics of kids on this little guy.

Then it’s back to the fabrica for lunch. Why do we always go there for lunch? Because Jorge’s folks used to live there, and there is a house attached to the fabrica. Today Mr and Mrs Villegas went and did their monthly marketing. I do not know it yet, but I will get a tour of all the wonderful and strange vegetables they buy.

But first, LUNCH!

Mrs. Villegas will probably hate me, but I needed this picture…She is so fastidious (and gave me numerous lectures on eating healthy) that every few months she empties out the kitchen, scrubs it down, cleans everything and puts it back in. I just thought it was so funny to see the entire contents of her kitchen on the back porch…

She prepared my favorite…caldo do…de..yes! Choclo (corn)

Fried bananas (maduros)–gosh I love them. Served here with Arepas. Better with butter and salt. Otherwise, terribly boring. Oh yeah, I had a good one in Cali stuffed with cheese, too.

Third course: Beef, carrots, rice. I’m going to have to get Edward to visit her and learn to cook some of these great things…

OK, the market tour:

ha! But she won’t just let me take pictures, she has to arrange everything…an as she is arranging I get full descriptions (mostly forgotten because I leave the cooking to others)

Tomate de Arbol. (Tomato from the tree?) Ever seen such a thing? I’m not such a big fan…

Now this IS my favorite;;;LULO!!!

Um…tried one before. kinda like gelatinous goey mess with seeds and I forget the name. No thanks, Andrea can have it all 🙂

Funky potatoes…

Well, then it was time to collect my bags and say goodbye…How sad! I was happy to have beeen ‘adopted’ for a week…

Even the neighbors got in on the good-bye.

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