Chapulines (Mexican Crickets)

I’ve forgotten to mention in here that one of the other specialties of Oaxaca is their crickets, chapulines…large. small, any way you like ’em. And you cannot leave Oaxaca without trying them.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1566

Stomach issues notwithstanding, one of our jokes was that I had to try one…and believe me I resisted.

Here’s Ruben teasing me with some

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1350

and here’s the close up

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1351

You actually see them at the markets in a wide variety of sizes…


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1563


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1564

and small
SA_Trip_MEXICO 1565

Ultimately I tried one of the smallest ones possible…(no, this is not what made me sick!) I figured it looked least like a cricket and was the least crunchy.

It was actually not bad.
(No photo because I just popped n in my mouth real quick.)

tasted like lime & chili pepper…

Some adventure eater I am … ha! I guess I’d better give up illusions of winning on “Fear factor”!!!

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