Random Market Pics – Oaxaca

Before I leave Oaxaca Aurora takes me to the market again–this time the food market. What a wonder these places are.

I’ll just show you some random images because they are so cool.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1567

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1568

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1569

One of the great things about having a personal tourguide is I learn more. For instance, Aurora explained that these dolls all wear the traditional costumes from the various regions of Oaxaca…

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1570

So I take a closer look
SA_Trip_MEXICO 1571

No Way would I have known that being a solo tourist. Very cool.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1572

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1573

An eating area where you select your fresh meat

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1576

And then they cook it for you

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1574

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1575

SA_Trip_MEXICO 159

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1580

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1581

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1582

A tour of the molinero

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1583

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1584

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1585

The clothing side of the market

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1588

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1589

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1590

Hand carved Oaxacan specialties

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1591

More clothes

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1592

Dresses for young Oaxacan princesses

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1594

Yeah, well, stuff for the older princesses

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1596

Then Aurora took me to a store that sells religious artifacts…Whar a holy BIG business! I think the store had about 20 rooms…


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1596


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1600


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1600


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1604

Wall to wall icons

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1605

And last but not least an ice cream. (Well, a sorbet–no dairy for two weeks!!!) Sorbet is just frozen liquid, right?

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1607

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