Barranca Sinforosa

Moving time: 3:54
Stopped time: 1:42
128 Miles

While most travelers, especially Moto travelers, head for Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon), I’d read that Barranca Sinforosa was equally as nice and headed there after visiting Copper Canyon.

I rode an incredibly curvy twisty great fun mountain road

SA_Trip_MEXICO 361

SA_Trip_MEXICO 363

SA_Trip_MEXICO 365

to the town of Guachochi, and followed the markings to the Barranca Sinforosa.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 373

The road is unpaved, REALLY bumpy and full of potholes.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 367

SA_Trip_MEXICO 369

and make my first water crossing (flooded road and no guinea pig ahead of me to show me how deep it was).

I passed some recently hayed fields. Can you imagine? All this work is done BY HAND!

SA_Trip_MEXICO 375

I paid my 10 Pesos to get in (and by the way if you are headed there you can camp tehre for two nights on that 10 pesos.
I did not camp, as it was cold, and also I have been told by many many locals it is not wise for a woman to camp alone in Mexico.

You cannot ride into these canyons, you have to hike. Because I arrived at 4 pm, all I did was soak in the views from the Mirador.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 393

Another mirador far below

SA_Trip_MEXICO 379

Endless canyons

SA_Trip_MEXICO 378

That late in the day the light kept changing, and I kept taking pictures. It was incredible. I heard music. Music of the mountains. Almost llike someone playing a flute.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 381

SA_Trip_MEXICO 382

Until I stayed too long and had to quickly find a place to stay that night.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 399

This was not a good road to go fast on at twilight

SA_Trip_MEXICO 400

I spent the night in Guachochi at the Hotel las Garzas (150 Pesos) I had a really cold room (no heat) and a really hot shower. The hotel owner, Marufo, was an incredible help with everything–including escorting me across the busy street to get food when I did not want to ride any more after dark.

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