Barranca del Cobre – Copper Canyon

Nov 26
Moving time: 6:34
96 miles

I woke up SUPER early–I was the first one up in the place for about an hour. I’d had a dream of how to fix my computer (I’d worked with an Aussie guy the previous night for over an hour to try to get the internet to connect) and I wanted to connect to be in touch. I could see my breath outside, and since I only had less than a hundred miles to ride, I figured I’d ride when it got warmer.

The guy at the hotel told me to go up 5 blocks, then go left, to get to Batopilas. This was completely incorrect, and pissed me off. After a few circles round about town, I got onto the right road and headed south.

I took a side road to ‘downtown’ Cusarare, where I was told by some backpackers that there is an excellent museum of religious paintings

SA_Trip_MEXICO 100

SA_Trip_MEXICO 101

I was not allowed to take pictures in the museum, but I did take some in the church

SA_Trip_MEXICO 104

back out to the main road (cough, cough combo of diesel and dust)

SA_Trip_MEXICO 108

And I ride ~60 miles of pavement

SA_Trip_MEXICO 109

I start seeing canyons…is this the real Copper Canyon? Why does everyone make such a fuss? It’s *easy*…

SA_Trip_MEXICO 115

SA_Trip_MEXICO 116

SA_Trip_MEXICO 118
SA_Trip_MEXICO 123

Gosh, the road is like new…sure I am on the right road?

SA_Trip_MEXICO 127

Hmf. Second time this trip I find myself thinkig “gee, this is easy” and then it actually gets quite difficult.

I get to the little village of Quirare, which seems to me a Teohuitan village, and WOW! The road does a complete change, just around one bend.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 142

SA_Trip_MEXICO 147

SA_Trip_MEXICO 149

SA_Trip_MEXICO 150

SA_Trip_MEXICO 154

And proceeds to amaze for the next 60 miles. I mean, it does on and on and on and on and finally alright already I am on panoramal overload.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 154

SA_Trip_MEXICO 157

Dodge the donkeys in the road.

And I still have more to go

SA_Trip_MEXICO 160

Finally! I see the river at the bottom.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 172

I’d read that you have to cross a bridge to get to Batopilas. Great. Almost there.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 175


Another bridge

SA_Trip_MEXICO 181


I ride out onto La Bufa

SA_Trip_MEXICO 187

And it turns out La Bufa is STILL like 30 miles away. I must be crawling!

And yet there’s more valley to traverse

SA_Trip_MEXICO 190

A herd of goats

SA_Trip_MEXICO 191

How agile they were on the steep cliffs!


SA_Trip_MEXICO 199

But wait, I still have to go another km to get to “The Bridge”

SA_Trip_MEXICO 201

Good thing I got a lot of practice on the TAT putting my front tire where I want it

SA_Trip_MEXICO 202

Errrrr. Back up, take pic. I see a signs about early detection of cancer. NOW I KNOW I AM IN THE RIGHT PLACE.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 204

Go Mommas. Remind your loved ones to do their self exams and get regular mammograms. Early detection is the best prevention!!!

“Downtown” Batopilas, which actually stetches or about 2 km along the river

SA_Trip_MEXICO 209

I met some nice folks at the Hotel Batopilas from the USA, Australia and NZ bicycling the same route I am. We chatted at the hotel, and then walked about the town and I had dinner with them.

Ah. I’d finally made it to Copper Canyon.

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