WMF Adventure in Alaska: Call for Support

Next month I will be riding with the Womens Motorcyclist Foundation (www.womensmotorcyclistfoundation.org/) on their Adventure for a Cure in Alaska. This is a fundraiser for breast cancer cures–many people following my blog know that I started riding for cures in 2009.

WMF and I are hoping that someone will step up and help defray the non-profit’s expenses by donating Frequent Flier miles to get me there. My schedule just doesn’t permit me to ride the 6000+ miles up there and back. We figure donating frequent flier miles is a win-win–saves WMF precious cash, and gives a special someone a feel-good opportunity without it actually costing them cash out of pocket. I bet you can even make it a tax deduction because WMF is a 501 (c)3!!

Anyone feeling generous? WMF and I are covering all of my other out-of pocket costs for me to assist.

Two other ways to help:

1. If you don’t have frequent flier miles to donate, consider donating directly to the cure through my fund-raising page: https://www.info-komen.org/goto/AlisaClickenger_MotoAdventureGal Donations are made directly to the Susan G Komen foundation–none of it goes through me.

2. Consider loaning me a motorbike (in Anchorage or Seattle) for the ride. That will also help defray WMF’s costs. (I am happy to ride my own, but I don’t have a way of getting it to Seattle for the WMF trailer or to Anchorage.)

Can you help?

Sue Slate riding in Alaska

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