Trans America Trail + Outrider Journal

Well, I’m finally embracing Facebook (a little bit)…and one of the cool things about it is that I keep bumping into voices from the past…

This week I saw Michael Murray on there.

In 2008 Edward and I went to see his presentation on the Trans-America Trail (crossing America on all dirt roads and tracks)  at Max BMW (NY)…he gave out lots of good info, and sells lots of inspiring motorcycle adventure DVDs (www.MotorcycletravelDvds.Com)

>>>Fast forward to the following summer, and Edward and I rode the Trans-America Trail together.

>>>Fast forward to THIS summer, and Outrider Journal has published The Hard Way – Outrider Journal Summer 2011.   What’s so cool about Outrider Journal is large-format, 9 x 11-inch magazine that uses premium paper with fewer ads than most moto-mags. It’s  more like a coffee table book than a magazine. [4-15-2014 Note: Outrider Journal is no longer in publication.]

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