Oaxaca by Night

December 9, 2009

After some nice chicken soup and a siesta, Rubén and Aurora had to go back to work. They run a blood bank in Oaxaca, and work long hours. They offered to give me a ride into town, and I could walk around a few hours, and they would pick me up again later.


I was feeling a little better.

It’s a lot easier to be a tourist on foot than always having to care for the moto.

A walking tour of Oaxaca:

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1279

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1283

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1285

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1286

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1287

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1290

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1295

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1299

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1300

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1303

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1304

Dancing in the Zocalo

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1305

Pizza Delivery Central

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1309

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1312

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