Way to go Mefo

MEFO Tires

Remember I said the road changed when I entered the state of Oaxaca? Gone was the smooth pavement of the northern provinces. The asphault in Oaxaca contains a mixture of rough gravel

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1215

and is really rough on tires

I chose the Mefo Explorers (sold exclusively by Twisted Throttle) because they have a reputation as being really durable, long lasting tires. On a 30,000 mile trip (or any trip!!!) I would rather change my tires every 8,000-10,000 miles instead of every 3-5,000 miles, because I do it myself.

And I was really happy to have them on the road to Batopilas–their grip on the gravel and mixed road curfaces was excellent, and I never worried about anything.

They are still going really strongly–I already have almost 4,000 on these tires, and they are in great shape despite the awful road surfaces.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1316

Lets see how far I get…

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