(Luz=light in English)

My first morning in Mexico everything is taking longer than I want it to: I have to figure out how to get the ginormous bike cover back into it’s shrink-it stuff sack, I set off the alarm on the U Bolt and awaken the whole neighborhood, my 15′ cable gets stuck on the machine that Ive attached my bike to; in general a steep learrning curve.

As I am packing three ladies are cleaning the park across the street. I mean, sweeping the holes where the trees are planted. incredible. I’d called Buenos Dias to them when I came out, and after a while one came over to chat with me. My first of what become the top 5 questions I am always asked: Where amd I from, where and I going? ALONE? Then I am sometimes asked if I have a husband, did I ride all-the-way-from-the-USA ? In a MOTO?

We start chatting, the other two ladies come over, and within 10 minutes Luz invited me to her house for a coffee. (No thank you I am already dressed and ready to go). The ladies say good-bye and wander back to work. Turns out they are the “heart” of Coyame–they are paid to clean the three town parks/squares every day, so they are always in the middle of things, calling out to cars and other passers-by. It’s quite entertaining.

I’m still packing away, and Luz circles back, asks me to her house if I want some breakfast, am I sure I don’t want a coffee? we chat a bit more, she aasks when I will be back, how long I will be gone, etc and then tells me when I come back I am to stay with her and tells me where her house is. Better, I think, I’ll send mer a postcard from the end of the world. So I ask her address and honestly I do not think she has ever gotten any mail before–she does not know it. I then have to follow her to her house, I write down the house # and the street name (I still have to look up the postal code). A beautiful, sweet, plump lady she is, and so generous.

Welcome to Mexico. It’s gonna be a good trip.

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