WEMT 2011: Day Two

WEMT 2011 Day 2:

[9:17:29 PM] The day started out cool,

 WEMT 2011 016

and got cooler as we rode to and over Chinook Pass (WA). The road over the pass only opened two days ago, so the  snow was still piled high–over ten feet in some places.

WEMT 2011 049

We were fortunate that Mt. Rainier showed himself to us and my KTM wasn’t shy about getting in the center of attention.

WEMT 2011 031

We had a good mix of terrain today — lots of  hills, mountians, farmland.  We rode narrow country roads, through a few towns, and did soe highway miles too. Don’t shudder–since this is a teaching tour, we want to ride on every surface and road ty e possible for the ladies to gain experience and confidence in a wide variery of riding conditions. We wont be doing hardly any freeway, though, because there’s just too much great scenery to be seen off the interstates.

WEMT 2011 080

We’re in Walla Walla tonight and had a nice dinner at a steakhouse. Sorry but the hot tub is calling.

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