Tour Time!


Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tour 2011 began today! Ladies rode in today from as far away as southern California to begin our all-women’s motorccyle ” teaching tour”.

A unique approach to motorcycle touring, we’re actually teaching the ladies about all aspects of motorcycle touring–how to set up a motorcycle for touring, how to pack, how to use a GPS, what to do in emergencies, basic motorcycle maintenance, how to ride in a group, etc.

Karen and I are looking forward to sharing our knowledge, and also learning from these ladies as well. Our goal is to empower tour members to feel more confident riding alone and in groups, and to inspire them to exlpore on two wheels.

 Support from the industry has been terrific, and we really appreciate the companies that stepped forward to help us ride our best–REV’IT!, Schuberth, Warm N Safe, and Black Dog Cycle Works.

Many companies such as Touratech, WarmNSafe, Giant Loop, British Motorcycle Gear, VaVaVroom, Rebel Girl, and exo2 offered up discounts to tour members. Motorcycle training companies such as Streetmasters Motorcycle Workshops and Coach2Ride also offered discounts on further training.

We love helping our industry by supporting each other and creatiing more educated, safe, inspired riders.

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