WEMT 2011: Day Five

Day Five on the Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tour:

We had a very cool (40 degree!) ride out of Stanley. 

WEMT 2011 275

Yet it was a spectacular ride, and a slight navigational error (was it truly?) on my part brought my small group through some of the twistiest, funnest roads over the Mores Summit in the Boise National Park.

WEMT 2011 283

WEMT 2011 286

We roode the Wildlfe Canyon Scenic Byway (Banks-Lowman Road) and even saw an elegant elk (no pic I was to busy braking and pointing.)

I am SO proud of these ladies…a couple of them didn’t exactly embrace cornering when they started the tour…and now they are more confident than ever. And we have several more days to ride!

Rather than backtrack, we deided to ride some hghway miles and got into our hotel in Baker City quite early. That was just fine with my group–it got to be over 100 degrees that afternoon. we sat by the pool in the lovely garden and cooled our heels.

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