Voni & Paul Glaves (One more day at the Adobe)


Due to some feminine issues, I decided to stay one more at at Voni & Paul’s and not cross into Mexico today.

So we went for a ride to explore Terlingua.

SA_Trip_USA 241

And had lunch at Kathy’s Kosmic Kafe

SA_Trip_USA 244

Mmmm…what to have…

SA_Trip_USA 245

Paul visits with the locals

SA_Trip_USA 246

Two hot chicks on bikes

SA_Trip_USA 247

Artwork in Terlingua

SA_Trip_USA 248

Pretty flowers (because I’m a girl)

SA_Trip_USA 249

The way most people arrive in Terlingua

SA_Trip_USA 251

Don’t try this at home or abroad folks,

SA_Trip_USA 254

SA_Trip_USA 255

Viva Terlingua!

SA_Trip_USA 261

I think I have to move here…

SA_Trip_USA 262

Any town that will elect a goat as mayor, well, that town is odd enough for me to live in

SA_Trip_USA 263

T shirt for sale


(Little did I know that night I would be awoken by Javelinas in the garden! Freaky likktle pigs running around in the dark through the cacti…creepy. Good think I was not camping…)

A visit to the Starlight Theatre

SA_Trip_USA 266

Then a rest on the infamous Terlingua porck

SA_Trip_USA 267

And then sexy Voni ready to rock & roll.

SA_Trip_USA 268

retired schoolteacher and grandmother…and totally cool.

gas in Study Butte

SA_Trip_USA 272

SA_Trip_USA 271

Then back to the adobe.

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