Twisted Throttle is now my official Sponsor!

I’ve decided to make my South American trip an extension of my “Adventure for the Cure” fundraising efforts this summer, and will be riding with the goal of bringing breast health awareness throughout the Americas, and fundraising along the way. Donations for finding breat cancer and ovarian cancer CURES can be made directly HERE . Please know that any monies you donate go directly to the CURES… I am paying my own travel expenses!!! TWISTED THROTTLE has come on board, and they will be outfitting my bike. They offer everything you could possibly want to set up an adventure touring bike, and I am going to prove it. I’ll also provide valuable product feedback on how the parts work in real-world environments. I just love how committed Twisted Throttle is to only distributing the best accessories available on the market, and how they always take time to listen when I give them product feedback (I’ve been using their gear, gadgets and accessories for a couple of years now). Thanks Twisted Throttle!

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