Tourism in San Agustin

February 11, 2010

Or tourism anywhere for that matter…

I suppose there’s all kinds of tourism to be had, if one looks for it.

I did NOT go looking for anything extraordinary, but while in  San Agustin the extraordinary came up and offered itself to me…in the form of

a) a tour of a cocaine “factory”…

b) i was offered unset emeralds on the street…(and I had to say NO three times before the guy finally got the message)

c) a “shamanistic” tour…this one was the best…i stopped to ask this guy directions up on the dirt road I showed you…he was standing by the road. He tells me where I need to go, and offers me his guide services at the archaealogical site  I decline, and then he whips out his three ring binder, and starts showing me pics of plants, as he is telling me he can set me up with a shaman: what type of journey would I like? Mushrooms, some weird cactus, i forget now butt like 4-5 substances. I say no thanks, but then ome the pics of the types of experiences I can have…floaty people, rainbows, psychedelic new age art, etc. I say to him I wlil leave the hallucunations to the shamans, and I leave.


One thing I would like to mention: ALL THREE of these folks were wearing “official” tourism department badges! ALL THREE!

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