May 1, 2010

It was a cool morning, destination: Sucre. We had about 60 miles of dirt before hitting pavement, and Rick left me in the dust, literally, as he opened it up on the ripio. (He was a good sport, however, and about every 15 minutes I’d find him casually waiting for me).

He got the bleep scared out of him in this S curve–it still makes me laugh. He’s a hell of a rider because I don’t know how he recovered from the raggedy-ann stunt maneuver he pulled.

Ah, pavement.

what the?!?

We got to Sucre and found a place to stay where they’d let us park the bikes inside (literally inside the lobby). Later on a KTM joined our bikes–obviously this hotel knew the drill.

We went to the Joy Ride Cafe for dinner. Where else would you go for dinner?

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