Strawberry Heaven

December 6, 2009
Guanajuato – Angangueo
Moving Time= 6:06
Stopped Time= 1:56
219 miles

Leaving Guanajuato was easier than I expected: I took the tunnel in front of the hotel / shopping arcade / bus station place where I stayed last night, and road right out of the city on Route 110. The same route 110 to Leon. The same Route 110 also marked to go to Irapuato. All different directions. Funny how that works in Mexico. 🙂

Turns out Irapuato is the strawberry region, and everyone is advertising Strawberries & Cream.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1020

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1021

Not yet having breakfast, I chose fom among the literally hundreds of Fresas con Crema shacks–everything from people selling out of pickup beds, to pilapas, to brick structures–and chose the fairest of them all.

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1025

And for 20 Pesos ($1.53)…BreAKFAST!

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1024

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1027

Then I rode through some nice

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1035

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1036

And some not-so-nice

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1041

Love the desviaciones! (It always spells bumps!)

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1043

Oops! Wrong turn had me on my motorcycle in the middle of the market (a somewhat frequent occurrence for me!)

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1045

Back down the right street

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1046

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1047

So THAT was the big blob of blue on my GPS

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1048

I was wondering how to cross that, since the GPS showed no road…

Butterfly Capital!

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1050


SA_Trip_MEXICO 1056

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1055

Then some GREAT riding

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1058

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1059

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1065

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1066

Up into the mystical magical mountains

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1072

Holy carumba, HUGE old forests (COLD!)

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1076

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1078

And finally into Angangueo

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1085

SA_Trip_MEXICO 1086

Where I stop for the night.

Why this frigid little mountain town so far off the beaten path?


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