Still in North Carolina

I’ve decided to stay in NC for another week…throughout my busy “corporate” life I’ve never been able to come and visit for a goodly chunk of time. I’ve also discovered that I can save almost $900 on my travel innoculations, getting them done at the Buncombe Public Health Dept rather than in Connecticut. Getting them done here is a no-brainer, especially since Mom will make me chicken soup if I feel poopy after all those shots!

Oct 1 I get to be a big pin cushion.

  • Hepatitus A&B combo
  • Tetanus booster (it’s free at Buncombe!)
  • Yellow Fever (Yowtch! I got one when I traveled to Brazil in1991 and it was literally a pain in the butt!)
  • Typhus (I think I can opt for an oral verson)

I also have to take malaria pills, so I have to do some research and see what strain(s) they have where I’m going. Research has shown that there are several different types.

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