San Agustin

February 10, 2010

It was a nice ride down the mountain (dirt roads) and along the river…

With interesting wash-outs to navigate…


This cracked me up…
Willie’s Juice Mobile…powered by bicycle

I got onto some pretty neat back roads.


Fun Curvies…
Yup, that’s my road below..

Well this day I seemed to pass countless cows in  trucks…I nicknamed it “National Bring Your Cow to Market Day”

These were parked at a town square.

Ah. Someone told me about this sculpture…
That is looks real nice until you take a close look…

And see she is holding a man’s head. If I remember the legend correctly, she was a native woman who fell in love…The lover was jealous and killed her son, she went after him and beheaed him…and brought his head all over the country to show people her revenge…

I circled ’round for this pic…I want a place like this. Happy land.

So as I am rolling through the countryside, in Pitalito,I begin to see these roadside murals…done by Colombian artists. Chevere (cool)

Colombian biker chic…note the heels!

I haven’t talked about the women of Colombia yet…let me just say they are ALL MADE UP. And SILICONE RULES! And the guys are all a-ga-ga over Colombian women.

Yup, DEFINITELY “National Bring Your Cow to Market Day”

At last, my destination.

For the record, this was a depressing day in terms of road carnage: 2 dead dogs (one so gruesome I missed my turn to San Agustin and went 40 miles out of the way), a dead cow and my second dead horse seen.


In town at the Hostal, I bump into Charles, who I met in El Salvador (he’s traveling with Ben, who I also met in El Salvador)

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